Puppy eyes opened

Reality’s sometimes obscured by idealization.

I imagined things that were never there.

And suddenly a realization

showed me he doesn’t really care.

And if you did care, lover from my past,

even then, I am not very sorry

that things ended up so fast.

I have seen the unseen glory…

…but it was just gild golden upon dirt you never saw in yourself.

Maybe, just maybe, I hope you read this, and realize-

-I am not as childish as your old dusty bookshelf.

I am not a novel to be read, you are not that wise.

I have been stupid too, I admit:

trusting all those deceiving words…

And that’s why we had to quit,

and you need to let me fly like all those birds.

Age is just a number,

now I know for sure.

Yeah, boredom makes me slumber,

as much as your acting out was immature.

I admit… I am a dreamer and I can’t grow up yet.

But I’ve heard the nicest lies from you.

All those things you did and said…

To, in the end, make me feel blue.

I opened my naïve puppy eyes, and saw a glimpse of my past.

I left you shortly after, I hate encountering my nightmares.

You knew it all and made bad memories last.

But I bet you never knew what it truly scares-

-it scares my love, passion, trust.

 Puppy eyes opened



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