10 Medieval facts that you may not know.

When you hear term Middle ages, you may imagine dull times, in which witches were burned and knights were fighting. To interest you, I prepared some facts that can be really funny but also strange.

  1. 10 Medieval facts that you may not know.Stairwells in medieval castles were narrow and curved clockwise. Attackers coming up the stairs had interior curve of the wall by their right hand and made it difficult to swing their sword. Defenders had their sword hands on the outside wall giving them much room to swing.
  2. Have a toothache? In medieval Germany, people believed that the only cure for a toothache was to kiss a donkey.
  3. Under Medieval law, animals could be triedand sentenced for crimes, just as though they were people. Some mice were taken to court for stealing part of the harvest, and, in another case, a flock of locusts was convicted of eating crops.
  4. In 1355, there was a falling out between students at Oxford University and local townsfolk after students complained about the quality of drinks at a local tavern. The resulting conflict left 30 locals and 60 students dead.
  5. Crusading kinghts walked through storms of arrows like rain, because Saracen bows were too weak to pierce steel mail and leather
  6. In the 16th century, bearded men had to pay a special tax.
  7. Medieval version of football was so violent, games often resulted in serious injuries and death. In some local variants, horsemen were involved.
  8. Tithes, the taxes paid to local churches, were commonly paid in whatever 10 Medieval facts that you may not know.goods the payer grew on their land. As a result, tithes were sometimes paid in horses.
  9. Shoes used to be 60cm long. From the 1330s onward, men considered long toed shoes to be the height of fashion. By the late 14th century, toes were so long they had to be reinforced with wool, moss or whalebone.
  10. Medieval farm animals were often small and unhealthy. Sheep were about a third of the size they are today.

Ema Rýdza, 1.B